About Us and Our Members

The Mehter Ottoman Military Band of Australia (Avustralya Turk Mehter Takimi) was formed in 1994. The first goal of the band was to acquire the required instruments and traditional outfits for the members. With volunteers from the Turkish community participating as both instrument-playing and ceremonial members the band is what it is today. The Mehter Band has taken part in many national, religious, cultural, and social events.

Every year in Melbourne as well as other major areas of Australia, the Mehter Band takes parts in events spectated by hundreds and thousands of people. Since 1996 the Mehter Band has taken part in the Moomba Festival parade and has received the Chairman's Award (1st place) and then 3rd place the following year. Over the years the Mehter Band has had many members who have always been passionate volunteers, giving up their time to perform in the Mehter Band. Please scroll down the page to view our list of current (and past) members.